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Friday, 10 March 2017

Backpacking & Hiking Stories from the Woods

number one
this is actually a story about my step mom and her best friend
I have my own but i'm so hesitant to drag some of the month
I'm hoping telling someone else's story will open me up a little bit more
my step mom didn't like as much but she told my sister and I this experience
growing up to scare us out of being stupid
it was my family's stranger danger story
my stepmom we're going to call her
I grew up as a kind of privilege teen in the seventies and her mom had moved
their family over here
the states from England when she was about nine
she went to a pretty nice high school in a really nice town
there she made friends with a girl Lily who didn't exactly run with Macy's type
of crown popular stereotypical etc but they really hit it off and then we would
take may see how to do her type of stuff which was hiking fishing sailing
there's even a hilarious set of pictures of them camping
my stepmom has raccoon eyes and looks like she hates everything
anyway because of lilies influence the two of them would do stuff like that a
good amount
one Sunday they decided to go on a hike in some Hills about an hour away
macy put on what I'm sure where her extremely expensive hiking shoes and the
two of them drove off to the hiking trails
Lily part in this big clearing with make sure parking spots you know like a piece
of wood making the head of his face but there were no other cars there
this was only important in hindsight they started hiking up the health off
the path because the lily fancied herself as something of a badass like
was nothing extraordinary
if you ask my step mom she would probably just lament for 15 minutes
about how sticky and buggy it was anyway they reach the top of the hill and my
stepmom was done the polished pampered side of her was coming out and she
groaned until Lily but grudgingly said okay
they were dressed them walk down again slower
they've been heading down the hill for maybe 10 minutes when maci started
bitching again Lily conceded to walking down the side of the road instead of the
run biking trail
so there they are probably looking like a couple of tools geared up for hiking
and walking down and crappy road and after not even five minutes
my truck pulled up next to them
it was red and rusty and just generally look like a clunker the guy driving
rolled down the window and the girls looked in through the passenger side
he had a big kid a baseball cap pulled down and long brown hair
he greeted them and even smiled through his bid asking if they needed a ride
makes you describe him as charming and even cute
Lily still says the moment he greeted her her hackles went up
despite her better judgment my step mom convinced her to get in the truck
she said it must only be a 10-minute drive down to the car stops the two
girls open the passenger's door to this rusty old thing
and the guy directed them behind the seat to get into the back
they settled in and the truck started rumbling for words
Lily always says that was the point hit her
what a mistake they had just made the back seat was clean enough but there was
a rope on the floor behind the driver seat and four boxes of sarin rap hanging
out from under the passenger seat
it seemed creepy and weird but Lily didn't want to freak my stepmom out so
she just kept her mouth shut
after 10 minutes of driving the woods didn't look any clearer and they haven't
seen another car the whole time
Lily asked how long we thought it would be
he said he was taking a different route down the hill and had to stop somewhere
to get something first
the girls were 16 and 17 and Lily didn't want to press the issue
she was scared she can remember his hair because she was sitting behind him he
looked like a onesie guy
but his hair was super tangled and dirty
she noticed crusted mud on his collar and try to find something identifiable
about him but just got more scared the more she picked up on little details
he was youngish strong-looking and had about a foot on both of them so they
didn't ask any more questions and he didn't offer any information and they
drove on several minutes after that they reach the tiny Shack or a locked cabinet
looking place right there in the clearing of the trees
there was an old stump where someone had been chopping wood and a huge acts stuck
into the log
Lily was definitely on red alert now the guy turned off the truck and slipped out
of it saying
I'll be right back don't get out and he disappeared into the house
Lily started talking to my stepmama about how she was incredibly
uncomfortable but she mostly just dismissed it
Lily started begging increasingly freaked out and finally put her foot
demanding that Maisie exit the truck with her so they got out and walked
around the front of the vehicle
the house was around 50 yards in front of them
why this guy would have left these two young girls in the truck alone while
going into the house is beyond me
they wandered around looking at it
if this guy was really decent and just trying to give them a ride
it would be really rude to just run off right my step mom had this strict
upbringing when it came to manners and a public persona and she saw it as an
issue of that nature so she actually started to head back to the truck
opening the front door to climb in behind the driver seat Lily was of
course pissed off and followed her to yell some more
that's when they noticed it on the driver's side floor half hidden under
the seat
there was a big hatchet it had dried reddish-brown stains covering the blade
and stuck to the floor under it
Lily understandably lost her shit at seeing it
my step mom started getting hysterical they decided that leaving was by far the
best option at this point and just booked off the side of the property into
the trees they bumbled around in the trees for a little while until Lily was
fairly confident they were on their way back down the hill
my step mom cried all the way down
Lily felt really bad about it but was also completely freaked out that the guy
would hear them and so kept trying to calm her down
when they finally got back down to the bottom and saw the old wooden fence that
surrounded the original parking area they were relieved but as they got
closer they saw it
the truck it was parked on the other side of the gravelly makeshift lot just
sitting there facing the other way
innocently they couldn't see if anyone was in it and of course
macy wanted to run for the car but Lily was super hesitant
Lily managed to calm my stepmom down saying she wanted to wait before running
out into the open to see what was out there
remember this was taking place in the nineteen seventies
no cell phones there was no ranger station or anyone around the parking lot
was big and empty and open
and who knows what would have happened if they decided to stroll across it
thankfully Lily convince my stepmom to chill and the two of them hunkered down
against the big tree hidden by bushes and other trees and waited it out for
what seemed like a couple of hours when dark started to fall
they were just planning their - to their car when they heard a clunk across the
they watched as one of the back doors to their car
swung open the bed guy slid his way out of the back seat
he got out shut the doll looked around at the surrounding woods for several
moments and then walked back to his truck the truck lumbered past their car
and out of sight
several minutes after watching him drive away they sprinted to their car as fast
as they could
jumped in and pulled out before they had even shut the doors
if the sky is still alive he's really old
thanks that a story that my step mom told me I always check my back seat
before i get into my car
number two
I've been reading stories on here for a while now and i figured i'd post my own
I had to get my brother to help me count this as I was 12 at the time and scared
shitless as a result of what happened this happened about six years ago
as stated i was about 12 and my brother was 26 at the time my brother had been
serving in the US Army for several years when this happened and was deploying in
the middle east on his second deployment if i remember correctly
also of note was that he was a green beret and had recently three or four
months prior to this trip completed the Army Special Forces qualification course
Robin sage and all that and by then was an active duty SF engineer sergeant
definitely not someone you'd want to fuck around with given that we both grew
up with a passion for the outdoors
he thought it would be nice to take me on a backpacking trip in northern
Alabama the city will business for those familiar with the area
before he left for nine months
the trip gone smoothly up until the third night when we were camping out
around a PM we had our tents set up and eating dinner and we're sitting by the
fire talking about typical bullshit guns girls etc
but some reference our spot was about 50 yards from a large stream and about 50
yards downhill adjacent to a large path our camp
the stream and the path from the triangle of sorts
this was summertime in Alabama
so it wasn't quite dark yet when two guys who look to be in their late
twenties wandered up and asked if we'd seen any Hobbs while we were hiking
given that this is rural Alabama
we actually had seen some further into the wilderness area and told them so
even though they were relatively polite my brother called them good old boys
I got a seriously creepy vibe from them dirty clothes greasy hair scraggly
facial hair etc
I think they looked like they belong in the movie deliverance
they kind of hang out for a few minutes maybe a little longer than they should
looking around asking us questions like how long we've been out there how long
we were staying and it looked like they were kind of sizing us up
they then abruptly said goodbye and walk away
I didn't necessarily feel threatened by them and I know for sure my brother
didn't but I still felt uneasy about the whole thing
fast forward three or four hours
my brother and I had gone to sleep and when nestling into our tent when I woke
12:40up to the sound of multiple dogs barking I've always been a heavy sleeper and
they sounded like they were only about a hundred yards away also
my heart immediately started pounding and I kept my brother three my sleeping
bag and asked if he was awake or if he'd heard the dogs
he responded i'm awake they've been getting closer for the past hour or so
just lay still and don't make any sounds needless to say 12 year old me was about
to shit my pants
we would also have sporadic shouts from several different sources but neither
came any closer
a few minutes later my brother whispered they're just hunting for hogs they use
the dogs to pin them down and then they shoot them
this gave me some relief but not much
somehow I managed to fall back asleep
the fact that they were doing this late at night was a huge red black my brother
later told me but I think at the time he was just trying to keep me calm
fast forward what was probably another three hours around 2am I've managed to
sleep pretty well after the first airing the hunters
when I woke up to my brother squeezing my shoulder firmly saying wake up
put your shoes on quickly and follow me be as quiet as you can
my heart immediately went back to racing because I heard the dogs and the voices
in the distance farther away than before but still distinct not asking any
I did what he said and as soon as we were out of the tent
he told me to get on his back
we snuck about 50 yards into the woods towards the junction of the path in the
stream and crawled into some bushes
it was up a hill so we had a pretty good elevated view of our campsite
I remember as we were laying there
how lonely I was breathing and how quiet he was when i heard the very distinct
sound of a pistol slide racking
I looked over and my brother had a pistol
HK USP that he gave to me a few years after this story took place
he was watching the campsite and the surrounding area
I started to whisper to him when he put his hand over my mouth and pointed at
the campsite the group of hunters had steadily approaching our campsite and by
this time
30 minutes or so had reached it
there were five of them and about three or four dogs they all looked relatively
young but two had either rifles or shotguns and the dogs were going crazy
obviously having smelled our scent
for those of you who are backpackers or campus nobody who comes up in a random
camp in the middle of the night with dogs and guns has good intentions
I knew this and my brother knew this
I was scared shitless I couldn't make out what they were saying but my brother
later told me that they were talking about us
although he hadn't heard any specifics either they lingered for about 20
shine a flashlight around and talking to themselves when my brother put his mouth
to my ear and said if they come towards us
I want you to turn and run as quickly as you can
don't stop don't look back stay off the trail and look for the flashing lights
I didn't know what he meant by the flashing lights but I'll get to that
I knew I could make it back because you told me land have pretty well
he then handed me a flashlight and told me not to take the red filter off
he later told me that the red filter helps preserve the night vision and cuts
down ambient light so it would be hard for someone to see me from a distance
at this point I was so scared i almost started crying but at the same time I
had a rush of adrenaline and what I think now was confidence that he thought
I could handle myself
we laid there for a while longer when out of nowhere
they started screaming where you act and started firing into the woods at random
my brother tried to be back behind the crest of the hill and threw himself on
top of me
thankfully from our position on top of the health we were protected from any
gunfire they shot maybe five or six more times and then started walking back the
direction they came from
they got maybe a hundred yards away when I heard a blaring siren and sore
emergency lights flashing through the woods
turns out my brother who called the Forest Service office on a satellite
phone he had he did this while I was asleep and they had sent out for service
officer and game wardens to our area of the wilderness.the Sipsey wilderness is
about 25,000 acres in size so it took them a while to get there on the dirt
roads when we saw the game wardens truck
my brother signal them over with the light and pointed them in the direction
the hunters are gone and the guy sped off
shining his spot light through the woods
as soon as we were sure they were all gone we went back to our camp packed up
our shit and waited by the path for the game wore them to come back
the game warden gave us a ride in this truck bed back to the main staging area
on the right back my brother told me how brave I be and that we would talk about
it with our parents the next day if i wanted to i asked him not to do that
because i thought they might never let me go hiking again
we never got any definitive information on what happened to the rednecks be
I have many friends who have gone out to the city area and had a great time with
no creepy stuff going on
however it truly is a wilderness and law enforcement response if you can even
reach them would be slow
I was lucky that my brother was there reacted so quickly otherwise who knows
what could have happened
number three
me and a buddy chose to go backpacking in some national forest in Oregon
specifically the how remote it was about a year prior a family became lost in
that forest and the father was never found
although the mother and child lived to tell the tale anyway we set up camp
around 4pm after getting pretty deep into the woods on a mountain access by
logging roads may be about a hundred or two hundred yards from where we part
near a lake without much else to do
we started a fire and crack some beers as the Sun went down then some pickup
truck started going through the woods slowing down when they saw our campfire
we got curious and stupid because of the beers and when deeper into the woods
seem like a hell of a party was going on then we stumbled into a clearing where
maybe 15 or 20 dudes were hanging around a bonfire next to a mossy rundown camper
trailer 1 had a pistol on his hip
another was just chillin with a shotgun we're thinking oh shit at first but then
one of them approaches us and X neighborly and advices to have a beer
so it seemed ok they were joking around mostly some talking about drugs
coke meth
but then there were some older lose that seemed pretty tense as this happened
four or five dudes who seem to be standing century at the camper went
inside for a few minutes
this camp I didn't look like it had been moved in a very long time when they came
back out
they said we were maggots and source making out pretty quickly I got up to
head back to our site but my slower drunker body took a few punches
then he made it out and started following and we were sprinting through
the forest in the darkness just hoping to get back to our site by spotting the
glowing embers of a burnt-out fire
all the while being chased by gun-toting nuts
we found our site and with pretty much everything still in the tent we pull the
steaks the concert in the trunk of our car then we hear an enraged screen
coming from about 50 yards behind us something along the lines of kill the
so we were like fuck it drop the tempting gear without even saying a word
to each other and sprinted in the direction of our car we peeled out and
thought we were good but about 30 seconds later and some headlights coming
up from behind us and I'm thinking fuck
that's the track that shotgun dude was chillin at so now we're being pursued by
crazy gun-toting rednecks with a superior vehicle and unfamiliar forest
on and maintain logging roads in the dark and the only thing we can do is
speed up
I remember looking at the speedometer
as we approach the washed-out hairpin turn and it was moving from 45 to 50
miles an hour and the truck was standing is pretty close
like only a couple of feet behind us I was pretty sure that we were going to
slide off that cliff and I somehow my drunk ass but he managed to make the
turn and get some distance between us and the tweakers and we eventually made
it onto a paid to Lane
at which point the truck pulled off
we put it together later that that camper van had to be a meth lab there's
nothing else it really could have been deep in the forest with armed guards and
looking like it hadn't moved four years
so in essence this whole event resulted in a drunk and high speed chase at night
an unfamiliar logging roads and we nearly slid off the side of that
hi guys lazy masquerade here
thank you very much for listen
as always i want to give a big shout out to my artist Anthony but a thumbnail
that is given
make sure to check them out by the links in the description below it has some
great stuff so make sure to check them out
subscribe and join the Legion follow me on Facebook Twitter and all that jazz
and you'll hear from me again that varies in stay spooky and remember the
best things happen in the dark


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