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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Explore the Grampians in regional Victoria

good idea and welcome to the big bus
tour and travel guide now the grampians
is one of Victoria's most magnificent
natural landscapes it's a really ancient
world of geological oddities and
indigenous tradition and it's also very
popular with walkers you know you'll
soon be able to walk the entire length
of the grampians peaks trail and we're
here with Patrick walking holidays and
visit the grampians to find out more
take a look
so the walk will start at zero the very
northern end of the grampians and
Traverse always self to dunkeld along
the other spot of the rides through both
the man typical range the seer range and
then William right and some of those
best spots like this sort of vantage
point already exist other side a brand
new destinations that where it's going
to be constructing the trial to and from
we walked about one-quarter of it at the
moment and it the trail that really will
showcase and all the aspects that the
grand plans to offer so brand puke
rugged and beautiful panoramic views
unique flora and for now really rich
Aboriginal culture and history so
typical day we usually get up in the
morning we make our lunches have
breakfast and then we head out onto the
trail we go for a walk
enjoy the environment and then we'll
head back in the afternoon early
afternoon usually have some new believe
have some wine beer and then we'll have
dinner all together and prepare for the
really one of the things the park is
renowned for is the beat landscapes and
that arising are you looking at towards
the the vistas interviews you can you
can really capture sense of remoteness
even though you're not that far away
from civilization not that far away from
Europe short black or your or your
hamburger Danny 10 it is a is a sense of
comfort while still playing any are
quite a remark natural setting my
favorite part about hiking the grampians
peak trail are the white flowers in
spring all the wildflowers come out some
of the ones that we've been seeing our
son orchids every now and then you can
see if you beautiful purples and blues
and the Sun I can have a nice little
yellow dot in the middle the grampians
400 million years also getting on there
in terms of age same sites are really
really tightly compressed and lies and
lies and lies on the ice and floor
millions and millions of years ago and
that's that you can see those lies and
strong relations within the Rockets
television wondering the grams so
there's four mine ranges in the grants
and I really under penis to shape the
geology of vegetation
on the corner associated with it's a
sight it's a wonder walking track in an
experience that we hope will become a
real challenge of people will experience
the people that a real opportunity that
they will do to connect with the
environment and connect with that
adventures autumn


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