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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Exploring the Grampians National Park

what a way to wake up pay gosh
oh with a sunrise like this it's very
little wonder why we love the grampians
national park so much just a few hours
drive from melden it spans over 1,600
square kilometres these craggy peaks and
vast sand stone mountain ranges a like a
tonic for the song we're basing
ourselves at the big four grampians
parkgate resulting holes gaps for the
next few days the perfect location to
explore the region coming isn't there
with nature we can just feel the energy
to play for this just teeming with
wildlife and walking trials adventure
abseiling look at the Kangaroos Charlie
can you say the kangaroo over there
isn't it beautiful three and bows i
think every victorian this is like a
backyard playground beautiful definitely
fit as a great australian break
destination isn't it
Oh without a bit as the grampians
national park is a maker for adventure
lovers we don't have to go far to
introduce Charlie to abseiling in fact
was still in the holiday park
Adrian my god no way
however not to write must be your
Charlie no Charlie that number one f
Skylar someone so excellent
yeah I really do something we are
excellent apparently Charlie's going off
ok purple your backyard very testy dream
of a bit about the business
remember to keep your feet water pot he
leaned back
it is like a snake stick to the road
to the right to the right that's good i
don't think this is more nerve-racking
hair no just don't write a joke maybe
she that's it atactic work down by the
creek under the gum trees it's a perfect
ending to our stay here with a lot of a
combination of that grampians experience
you carry that she still hasn't got the
hang of it Gary they're not doing very
well now Gary question of going to ask
you you've been here for three years do
you ever get sick of waking up in the
morning and just having that you the
full Grand National Park tae-hwan
imagine a little get sick of looking at
reviews nothing else it's just a great
place to be it's having the people here
but that just have a great time that's
that's the achievement just sending
people home and knowing that had a great
holiday and we've done the best we can
to prevent like that


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