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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


my name is Elena and I'm from Ireland for the last three months I've been
backpacking around the world with my boyfriend chair
so far we've been to south america new zealand and we've done the east coast of
Australia was why we were traveling there that i met a friend from Melbourne
to recommend that i really had to come and see the grampians so that's what
brings me here
well I guess when your backpack and you can't really bring that much with you
but you've got to have a good book warm clothes and earplugs are really useful
but i guess the most important thing that you've gotta remember is a camera
particularly in some more like the grampians my pictures that I can look
back on are going to be pretty amazing of all the sites that I've seen here
I'm a teacher back home and i'm so used to be an organized so it's actually
pretty grit to not be organized in your backpack and you can just decide to go
where you want when you want
so it's really cool the highlight for me i suppose and all of the grampians is
mine Stapleton
we did a hike up there and I guess a lot of places that your hikin you've got a
way to get to the top for this amazing view but the whole way up - Kabletown
it's just absolutely breathtaking
until you get here yourself you don't actually realise just how beautiful it
is you've got the range of the mitogens you've got the water you've got the
forest you've got the sand it's like a desert and I mean there's nowhere else
in the world that i can think of that you have all that within the one small
even if my memory was feared when i'm older i always have it captured on
camera just the beauty of the Syria
my name is Alina these are my grampians and this is my story


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