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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Hiking at ultra light gear

hey guys will hear got my pack
fully loaded with everything that i will be carrying on my 2014 appalachian trail
thru-hike I i wanted to walk you guys through this you could see everything
that's in here
I do have a previous story that similar to this one but it was incomplete didn't
have everything that I now have so i really wanted to do an update story
where i go over my total weight that i'll be carrying on and with everything
including my sleep system all my clothes everything my stuff sacks
uh so you can have a good idea of what you might want to look into if you're
looking to go on more of an ultra-light set up this is an ultra light setup but
it still has a lot of conference that i want that i think that will still be
necessary on the trail
i'm going to be leaving anywhere between March fifteenth and april first so I
should have some cold days so I do i am prepared for that with with some of the
clothing that i have and i have made some updates from my previous storys
that you might have seen I've updated some of my jackets just based off of
what I have experienced using them actually on my longer hike that I did on
the Appalachian Trail
so i've updated quite a few things so i thought that this story could be useful
to you guys that are out there that are planning and trying to do a checklist of
everything that you want and that you might need on the trail so what I'm
going to do here this this is my z pack our last fifty two liter pack
I did use this on on the Appalachian Trail 470 miles
all in all it was a great pack I i had the experience to go with Joe and Matt
from she packs which is a lot of fun on and i was very much impressed with this
pack it was very light
and as you can see here there is so much room that i had no trouble fitting
everything in it
it is a little bit more delicate that's my only downside i did get a small hole
I would actually call it a whole but a scuff on the bottom so i would advise
bringing some some Cuban fiber tape here which jose kind enough to provide you
but you know i'm not too worried about this I probably i set it down on a sharp
rock and I wasn't honestly was probably more user error I was not paying
attention to where I was placed in the bag because i was still used to carrying
my osprey atmos the night that I used to use so this Cuban material even though
it is a bland it is more durable than just a you know using normal Cuban you
do still need to be more careful with it so that that's kind of my update on the
pack itself otherwise though i really like this pack i do a review so please
check that out
I love the back it's it's great
so my pack here my way that I'm gonna be carrying around is 20 pounds this is
checks in at 20 pounds five ounces and that's with seven pounds of food
I'm not going to be carrying as much food weight is a one of my previous
story showed so i downsized as far as a way to my food that's with a liter of
water that I have in here
I use the leader of water on the 70-mile trip and it was fine
most of the time I would usually drink the leader at the water source and then
take a leader with me
it was awesome so this is all my my rain gear in here as well and my winter gear
so what I'm going to do is I'm going to lay everything out and walk you through
it all
piece by piece so you can see exactly what makes up my 20 pounds like I said
this is this is everything i'll be taking this is the finish
set up so i let me set that up for you and let you take a look at this is like
I said everything I will be taking with me on my hike
this is an ultra light setup so there are are some things that you'll notice
that i might be missing compared to some other gear set ups but like i said this
is more for an ultra light set up and I have experience using this gear on
previous hikes and some longer week-long height so for me this work so it's not
necessarily a perfect for everyone but for me it's definitely everything that i
will need so I'm going to walk you through everything and just kind of
briefly go over it
like I said this is the pack that i'm gonna be using the z pack our blast
weighs a pound right next to it is my stuff sack this is going to be carrying
my food I've just got some stuff in there so you can see kind of what it
looks like when it's filled up
that's the stuff sack also from she packed all my stuff sex are Cuban fiber
stuff sack so the bag itself is Cuban fiber
it's waterproof not a hundred percent waterproof
even the material itself is waterproof
there's still some chances a little bit of water can get in there so i will be
stopping everything that you see here will be inside Cuban fiber waterproof
stuff sack so just in case there are some there's some water that comes into
my pack everything inside my pack will be protected
so I will not be using any type of dad liner trash bag
nothing like that not needed
I've tested this stuff out in rain and for me it works and it is kept
everything completely dry
i highly recommend a setup like this if you're not completely confident you
could still do like a trash bag liner on the inside but really in my opinion I
don't think it's necessary when you have
the proper waterproof stuff sacks
so anyway so those are the stuff sacks that i have so i know here at the left
I've got my former asses the knee or x-lite sleeping pad
I've got a pillow here this is my cooking set that i'm going to be using
just a little pot pot for boiling water
Soto a micro regulator stove fuel canister
this is my first day
KITT some band-aids ibuprofen on I'll be you know filling that up as I as I go
along in different towns and I stopped but I'm pretty lightweight with the
first aid kit just band-aids pain pills kind of stuff about it
oh and a zpack since a toothbrush got a toothbrush in there and to face only
thing i'm going to add to this is probably just a small little travel
thing and deodorant but I don't have that here
toilet paper I bring a lot of 12 favor
just to be careful charger for my phone i will be using iphone on the trail
I have a battery charger battery pack here made by mophie i recommend this
thing it's great I on our six day sending our trip on the 80 everybody is
using that charger and earphones never ran out of battery life so i will be
carrying the AWOL 80 companion got on my iPhone
I haven't quite decided if i want to bring some a hard copy of it yet
I'm very careful with my phone it's going to be completely sealed in a
waterproof bag and then inside a couch in my in the back it's also waterproof
so pretty good at keeping these things dry but I know
it might be good to have a backup but right now with this battery pack and
that's on i'm planning on bringing their I've got also a little sack and and
string that's to string up a bare back when it's needed
earplugs this is the headlamp amusing it's a biz
I can't remember what's called a hundred and twenty or a hundred thirty luminous
multiple settings
great great lamp one leader platypus water bottles
those will be one will be filled up at all times while hiking the other one
will be reserved for win a further distance in between water sources
3-liter platypus bag for can't highly recommend a bigger bag for camp so
you're not finding yourself having to trick to the water source and refill
multiple times
this is great can fill this thing all the way up and use it the entire time
you're in camp on top of it there is my sawyer mini water filter also one of my
favorite pieces of gear that i have here you can simply screw this on to almost
any water bottle and you can either squeeze squeeze it out and you'll have
your your clean water or you can just drink straight from it
that's the method that i do i love it it's a real easy and efficient takes no
obviously you don't spend any time purifying water pumping or doing even
you just drink it and it filters straight through kind of like a life
you guys are are familiar with that type of water filter this is the plunger the
same just kind of helps it if it does clogged important to carry that I
learned that on my last trip started to clog up a little bit and I didn't have
luckily a friend of mine have the same filter shows it believes that inside
that stuff sack is my tent
that's the Z packs duplex i have a review on that tent
brand new from z pack weighs a little over 20 ounces it's a two-person tent a
ton of space in that tent
inside that is the tenth that the a tent
the stakes and it uses these trekking poles that i'll be carrying and to pitch
it so really excited about the tent sleeping bag inside here on the Marmot
plasma 15 degree bag
this is another stuff sack that i will have all of my clothing that you see
here now this is winter clothing as well be ditching a lot of this stuff
once it starts to warm up I have a little on coupled I just kind of made
this is just for when the water sources
get real small and it's tough to fill out these bottles
I can just scoop the water up and put it into their definitely recommend that if
you're not going to be using a pump style filter some of the water sources
do tend to dry up a little bit and it's tough to get the water out of their
I do carry an extra pair of thick socks I don't hiking these but I do use them
at Camp when it's cold cause my feet only part of my body that really
struggles staying warm so I bring extra pair of thick socks is the patagonia
will sock that would be hiking and also wear liners
I just to keep the moisture off my feet
help in preventing blisters these are the shoes i'm going to be using I've
done a review on these as well I've done over a hundred miles in these only ever
had one blister very small
these are the Brooks Cascadia eight trail running shoes good traction super
i highly recommend these shoes
if you are more ultra light and you don't need the extra support of boots
move on over here and watch my clothing now this is what I'll be wearing in the
this is cap for pants and cap for hoodie
this is definitely my favorite piece of clothing that I've ever had for
it is unbelievable i worked my entire seven miles
on the 80 the last trip with temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to
about sixty four had it on the entire time
it kept me warm when it was cold and breathe really well when it started to
warm up
highly recommend this thing it is on beatable
it's a quarter zip you can zip it down when it does start to get a little bit
warmer and literally when you're hiking the flaps open up and it just allows the
wind to go right down in there
my ears get a little cold so I can leave this on
but it's not as hot is wearing a beanie
I it covers your ears but when it's unzipped it still allows a lot of
airflow this cap for expedition weight hoodie from Patagonia is unbelievable
i definitely recommend checking it out I've got my rain gear patagonia
torrentshell stretch pants and jacket there
I don't know if I'm gonna carry that with me the entire time as far as the
pants jacket i will is the quick-drying patagonia boxer briefs
awesome all of these do not retain much snow at all
that's definitely beneficial this is the shouldn't be hiking into Patagonian
expedition weight too short sleeve shirt
great great doesn't retain smell just like the other stuff
breathes really well these are the patagonia rock craft pants i'm going to
be wearing
I like hiking and pants and these things are great I've used them and I love them
they definitely are not too hot they will keep you little bit warmer when
it's cold out
just a bag of trash bag that i use smaller
I don't need to carry a big garbage bag I've gotta be here for cold nights
wait for beanie weighs less than one ounce and it is warm
this is a colombia panama be wearing on me freeze technology i don't really know
if it works out well I've used it
supposed to around the edge here as you sweat
there's little circles it's kind of hard to tell here but they supposed to change
the temperature of the fabric I use it on my seven mile hike and I couldn't
really tell if it worked enough but i like to look at it
last but not least this is my jacket that i'll be wearing the winners of the
Ramsey on X this is the new xeon jacket if you haven't heard much about it
just google it it's one of the top-rated jacket synthetic jackets out there was
going to hike with the patagonia ultralight down hoody
but after having used that on my last trip I didn't like it
it was not warm enough and it did not stop the wind
this does the job and being that it's synthetic I don't have to worry about it
as much with the rain is a lot more water resistant than the down jacket was
so highly highly highly recommend this jacket will definitely keep you warm in
it you can find some great deals on this jacket out there right now
this is the xeon XO it's the new one a little bit heavier because it's a little
bit more durable but that's pretty much it here
everything that i'll be taking with me on the hike at cuban fiber tape just in
case I have to do some repairs on the bag or on my tent if there's any smaller
balls you do want to be more careful with the Cuban material it is a little
bit more delicate so definitely recommend bringing some Cuban tape if
you're going to be carrying a Cuban pack or a tent or anything like that so that
pretty much does it guys
if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and i will be
posting storys along the way for you to see what it's like out on the trail and
to see if my gift set up actually works like I'm hoping that it will thanks for


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