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Monday, 6 March 2017

Hiking Tips

alright day hikes, so this article is portion of the article igoing to be four
day hugs that you know one two three miles from going on a date hook that's
one two or three miles these are the items that I'm going to bring.
First thing I focus on food and,water, what i have here today it's perfect 123 miles sometimes I bring a little more I just have some granola and some peanuts simple snack to snack on.S ometimes I'll bring some extra granola bars sometimes even a can of soup
depending on the area that I'm going so that's food water usually I'll just
bring one canteen and if i'm going for longer distances, usually I bring a bladder pack or if I know the area that I'm going in i'll bring a water filter this way i can fill my canteen when I stopped their stream or something like that, so that's food and water covered for you know want to
pre mile.Hike protection from the elements usually I'll just bring a
poncho and this will basically keep me dry and all my gear that i have dry.A
cheap alternative would be a big trash bag you can get them fairly cheap just
cut a hole in the top and for your arms and there you go your own poncho very
lightweight and cheap would recommend not buying the dollars for Pancho's
because they tear very easily if you're going in the area where there is a small
footpath and you scrape up against your branch chances out your departure is
going to tear if you buy the cheap quality one.So i'd recommend maybe
getting one that's a little more high quality than the dollar store brand so
that's protection from the elements for the 123 day height want to 3-mile hike.
Next thing is the area that you're going in would recommend bringing a map even
if it's a small hike like that even if you you know go online and get a you
know aerial footage of the area and just draw your own map you know the drought
main roads or landmarks or there's a mountain over here or a peek over here
just  get a basic map of the area that you go and just in case.
For some reason you do get lost so you go off-trail and you can't find
your way back to the trail you have some type of way to navigate i would
recommend printing  out a map i have two different maps here i have just
a regular map that has the trails i use all trails.com to get my maps if any of
you have any other websites that you use to get maps please comment below on the
opposite side i have a topographical map and a topographical map is a map that
basically shows the terrain is a high elevation in a certain area i can use my
compass to distinguish where am on the map and i'm not going to go into too
much detail about how to use the compass but uh when it comes to navigating with
the map you going to want you want to know how to use a compass properly one
thing I would recommend you research is magnetic declination and how to set that
on your compass i would recommend buying a compass that you can set the
declination i have one here and there's a little knob in the back that you can
turn to set your magnetic declination where I am right now it's 14 degrees and
basically do some research on how to navigate with a compass with the map
that you have if you're going in an area that you've never been before you want
to know the terrain and what to expect so good map is very important you know
if you can't print out one you know draw one simple as that and
what i like to call just in case items so again fire-starting kit for some reason you do get lost
very simple bring a lighter bring two lighters bring three lighters keep them
in different locations because it for some reason you lose your backpack you
know telling all your fire stuff is in the backpack
what are going to do so keep a lighter in your pocket maybe keep a letter in
your jacket i have another one of my inside pocket here and keep a couple in
your backpack you know practice using a fair of course but that's the basics of
Fire keep something to light a fire on you and a lighter to me in my opinion is
the best way
another thing just in case item bring some flashlights I have this cheap
headlamp here is actually cost ten dollars rechargeable did a test the
battery I kept it on the highest setting it lasts for about 11 hours and still
didn't die so I just shut up at that point I you know determined is very very
useful ten dollars on amazon if i can remember where I got it from the name
i'll put it in the description for you guys so bring some type of light
I have another light on my keychain here
so very small light but it's very effective it's a high-powered LED light
i'd recommend bringing multiple lights if you can small flashlights work fine
you know you don't need anything high-tech are expensive and i actually
keep another head lamp in my pocket here just in case I it stays with me at all
times in my jacket just in case this is my my uh better headlamp that i
purchased so just in case you do get lost in your longer than expected and it
does become night you want to have light to be able to navigate and that's
basically it for day heights something I usually bring to just this little foam
pad just for comfort you know if I stop to sit down for a second
putting them above sit down and sexy cozy so my butt is numb so that's
something simple there and i also use this to find the fire sometimes so just
some comfortable items that i bring if you do go hiking a lot and you do have
some comfort items you know please comment below let me know what those
items are and that's the basics for you know what 123 my like it's not too
you don't need a lot when you're going on I can just focus on the area that
you're in know the area that you're into know how to get out just in case
something does go wrong just know that you know North Fargo North no matter
what's going to hit a road very important let someone know where you're
going if you do go out hiking especially an area you never done before just you
know send a text message or whatever to somebody let them know you should be
back by you know this time and that's it for basic day hugs for longer hikes i
would bring all this stuff that I just explained i will also bring a water
filter very important and i would also bring
this my laptop and it's great for protection from the elements if I had to
make an emergency shelter i could put this up in the lean-to fashion have a
fire in front of me and it should keep me warm the entire night I've actually
done it before i highly recommend these my laptop's i believe it was like
fifteen dollars on amazon lightweight very very versatile item and they come
in a couple different colors but this is a my favorite piece of kit that i have
and i highly recommend it five what 1i liked it so much about two more so it
says a lot and bring a camera record your adventure make a article posted on
youtube put the ones below i want to see you guys out in the woods to get up
there guys enjoy the wilderness be prepared and if you have any gear that
you bring that i haven't mentioned and you find it very useful you know please
comment below this is just for a day hikes stuff that people should bring
just just starting out I know this article jumped around until a lot of different
aspects but I tried to get a basic overview of everything on what you
should bring if you're just getting into hiking i recommend bring more than you
need you know if you can bear the weight on your back bring more than you need
and then over time you'll get used to the gear that you don't need and a
little by little you'll have less and less and less that's basically how I
decided on what gear I should bring her win you know my pack was a little heavy
in the beginning but over time I god never even use this on the last three
hike so I'm gonna take it out of my bag and then you just go for go on from
there so that's it get a nice comfortable backpack you know over time
obviously you don't want to spend a hundred dollars on the back if you're
going out looking for the first time you know get something cheap and just learn
and grow and get out there and experience the woods coming about your
that's it guys going to go walking around his was a little bit more and not
camping out tonight or go home i'll see you next one
yeah yeah yeah see you later guys
I was waiting longer


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