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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The hitchhiking story

so this was told to me by an old family friend Nikki numerous times as a kid
growing up as one of those life advice stories to keep in mind through the
that's her credit I've never forgotten it whenever anything associated with
hitchhiking comes up it always springs to mind and probably always will even
makes me a bit ill whenever I think about it actually
so Nikki who grew up at the same time as my dad so this was about early eighties
I believe she was a young woman in her mid-twenties she's one of those real
kind-hearted Souls always willing to help another out in the time of need you
know and I can't imagine her being anything other than that when she was
younger so I totally see her doing this too so driving into the city which was
about a two-hour drive from town she saw a man walking down the side of the road
as she neared he turns and in typical hitchhiker manner stuck out the old arm
and thumb Nicki bless her heart pulled over and asked him if he needed any help
she told me he was really polite if not a bit shy when he asked for a lift into
the city
Nicki gave a smile and popped open the passenger door for the guy who then
tossed his bag into the backseat and buckled up for the right ahead
they talk pleasantly for most of the trip about friends the news etc you know
happy small talk
she felt that they were getting along very well and even bought him dinner at
the pit stop a little over halfway there
she says he seemed to really flustered and awkward when she paid but one of the
things they talked about was money and how he was pretty damn strapped for cash
which was why he was hitchhiking in the first place but he eventually relented
and they went on their way
as soon as they got into the city he thanked her profusely for the ride and
the food and asked to be dropped off once they hit downtown before getting
out he has for Nikki's phone number so he could contact her one day and maybe
catch up thrilled at the prospect of knowing how her new friend was faring
Nicki wrote it down for him and drove off with the warm feeling of having done
a good deed
now i'm sorry if you were expecting something creepy to have happened by now
but i think this is what freaked me out so much as a kid how nice everything
seemed to have worked out Nikki gets this crease in your forehead and a funny
look in her eye when she tells me this next part how a week later she got a
phone call from the same man she had picked up he didn't let her get a word
in edgewise after hello and told her that she should thank God that she was
raised so nice because when he first got in the car he was planning on raping and
murdering her once they got to that pit stop that he was going to steal that car
and dumped her body in a ditch further down the road and go on his merry way
but after she talked with him so kindly and even treated in to dinner with a
smile on her face
he couldn't bring himself to do it he didn't think that he could live with
himself after doing that to such a nice lady
the man's final words on the phone were please Nicky please never ever pick up
another hitchhiker then he hung up the phone
Nicki never got a call from him again when she tried redialing the number she
got a pay phone and so I've learned one important thing from this story that i'm
going to take that man's advice and never ever pick up a hitchhiker
the wrong hitchhiker by Nathan bartholomae I've learned one thing from
my one and only experience picking up a hitchhiker don't pick up a hitchhiker it
was a Saturday night probably around one in the morning i was driving down the
five 42 in New Jersey a rude i commonly took to get into town
it was a long stretch of nothing but woods on either side with the occasional
I was on my way back home from town and as usual at this time of night around
are quite old town it was not a single other car on the road I turned on the
off-road lights on my jeep to have optimal vision on the unlit highway
which allowed me to spot somebody far down the road just standing at the side
as I got closer I saw him raise his arm up and stick up his thumb he was trying
to hitch a ride
my heart started racing i had no idea if i should stop or not I slowed down just
to get a better look at the guy first of all he seems like a younger man maybe 28
The had on a light gray hoodie with the hood over his head and blue denim jeans
the time to make a decision was immediate and with a lack of my better
judgment in the heat of the moment I came to a stop
roll down the window and asked where you heading to friend just up the road he
said in a deep quiet tone hop in
I called out the window he opened the door to my jeep and stepped inside
slowly jeep wranglers have very tight seals on the doors so when he tried to
close the door the first time it didn't shut I politely said oh the door didn't
shut just open and slams shot real hard these stores are hard to close the body
language he was giving off in response was unsettling about three seconds after
I had finished my sentence he looked at me
then turned his head slowly to the right and again waited three or four more
seconds before finally opening the door and then slamming it back shot by the
way this guy was moving i already regretted my decision to let him in i
put my foot on the gas and we started moving along the road the speed limit on
this road was 55 but I was going 75 just to get the guy to his destination
quicker so how far did you say you're going there was an awkward gap of
silence before he replied with just a few miles up i wanted to turn the radio
on to kill this awkward and downright creepy silence but something my head
told me not to for whatever reason
suddenly I could see just through the corner of my eye that the man had turned
his head and was staring in my direction at this point i was telling myself that
I needed to get this guy out of my car for a good mile I felt his gaze just
hitting me like a brick and all the while I tried my best not to look back
finally he turned his head the other way and said you know I've been wondering
for the longest time if it's just worth it to end it all
I looked at him in confusion he dug his hand into his pocket and said I've been
carrying this knife with me for the past few weeks wondering when the right time
would come
She pulled out a big red knife from his pocket and at that instant I felt like
my stomach had dropped out of my body
I told him to put the knife away immediately he told me in a calm
emotionless voice pull over next to that sign
I did what he said coming to a stop next to a speed limit sign and what followed
still haunts me
the began to slit his forearm next 2-3 other scars from previous assumed
self-inflicted cuts and let out a disturbing mon i managed to choke out
the words you need to get out of my car right now buddy
he looked at me again and said get out of the car i want to show you something
I told him no and he raised his knife up closer to me as an obvious threat just
get out for a second
there's something I want to show you behind that sign
I knew my life was on the line and i had to be smart i said you okay man let's go
I opened the door to my g making a point of leaving it open raise my hands in the
air and back away slowly from the door he too left the car and started walking
over to my side at the exact moment that he was directly behind the car i jumped
back in through it into drive and Florida down the road never looking back
I got back home within 10 minutes still breathing heavily wanting to throw up
this was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I urge everybody
and anybody that if you by some chance see a hitchhiker on a dead road at some
odd hours of the night
do not take any course of action other than speeding right past them
three months after i turned sixteen in 2005 i got my first car a 99 toyota
camry on a warm Saturday night when my friend Alex invited me over to one of
his friends big parties i knew i wouldn't be in a condition to drive the
camry home afterward so we carpooled with Alex's girlfriend Brianna we lived
in the countryside of Virginia meaning less big parties meaning when there was
a big party was a huge deal and everyone would go
we lived about five to ten minutes away from this kids house I knew where he
lived as I was acquainted with him but not exactly friends the hole right there
we took the same two lane highway type road through the woods and this kids
house was actually on this road further down at certain points on this road
there were a few houses on either side and then it would just go back to being
9a long empty highway again the house was tiny like a lot of houses around the
area but the party was held outside anyways since his closest neighbors were
relatively far away and noise wasn't an issue
I'll skip most of the party up until the point that Brianna was supposed to be
our designated driver had to suddenly leave for a small family emergency
alex said it was fine and that we'd find a ride home
well fast forward another few hours and another few drinks and I could barely
even walk straight i checked my watch it was like two in the morning I figured it
was time to go
I started looking for Alex but I couldn't find him anywhere
in fact it seems like everybody I knew had already left i could barely even
think straight but i was still furious at the fact that Alex could have
actually left without me i asked to use the party hosts phone and dialed alex is
home number after two tries
I gave up and then realized I shouldn't wake his family up so literally not
knowing what else to do
I dizzily stepped out onto the road and began walking back home I knew this walk
would take anywhere from half an hour to an hour in my condition
maybe after 15 minutes of walking down the road the slight shine of car
headlights on the road was bathing in from behind me jumping for joy inside I
lifted up my arm and stuck out my thumb as the car neared its slow down and came
to a stop right next to me
the man driving the 98 ford explorer rolled down the window and asked where
you headed
I told him my house was just down the road and beyond a right turn probably
slurring my words beyond comprehension
he chuckled and told me to hop in I thanked him and joyously hops into the
truck i was exhausted and I remember completely disregarding things the guy
was asking me because I was so close to just passing out and that's what happens
the memories of being in that truck turned to a fog as i'm sure i passed out
the next thing I remember I woke up still in the moving truck
the guy looked at me and left but didn't say anything I looked around and
realized the road we were on wasn't familiar i nervously asked where we
the then said so what were you doing out this late anyway as the man answered my
very straightforward question with another irrelevant question the sobering
reality of the situation hit me I you can you can let me out anywhere i told
the man the man responded with a firm no I felt like throwing up as he said that
no I really actually felt like I was going to throw up i started to gag as I
felt more and more nauseous by the second
the man took his eyes off the road to look at me and that's when I thought of
the perfect distraction i turned in his direction as i continue to gag and he
started to kind of lean away and slow down the car
thankfully i drink as much as i did because I finally threw up and made a
point of doing it all over the man's lap the man yells in frustration and stop
the car and that's when I took it upon myself to run for my life into the woods
and duck behind a few bushes the man came following into the woods with a
flashlight and on two separate occasions he shined the light straight over me
without noticing eventually i heard his footsteps walk even further into the
woods past me that was when I ran back to his truck but unfortunately he was
smart enough to lock it by some miracle i saw another car approaching in the
distance and I ran out into the middle of the street waving my arms like a
lunatic the car tried to avoid me but I wouldn't let it
they were forced to stop and I yelled at them to help me before they came back
once I told them that I was kidnapped by the man who was driving that ford
explorer the driver agreed to give me a lift
not to the police station or anything but to my house i made it back safely
where I couldn't think the driver enough i immediately woke up my parents and
told them my dad wanted to know if I got his tag number and then I felt like
punching myself in the face
I fail to get the simplest information from the guy that would have allowed me
to actually properly report him
all I knew was that he drove a faded blue 99 ford explorer I made sure to
give Alex a piece of my mind and part of me always held a grudge against him ever
since just for abandoning me at a party without telling me
I haven't seen him in four years now however and this was actually the first
time i even thought about this incident for almost a year now as time goes on
even the worst of memories may start to fade but after writing this to share
with the internet it's once again fresh in my mind
thank you so much for watching and we hope you enjoyed but be sure to keep
those lights off and tune into the story that mr. nightmare and I have done on my
channel about horrific hitchhiking murders you can either click on screen
now or in the description below to watch that story and be sure to subscribe
while you're there because you won't want to miss what's next


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