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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

hiking Himalayas

    howdy there I'm in my hotel room here in
    Varanasi India I recently did a trek in
    Nepal the langtang national park trek
    and so I'm doing a couple of videos
    giving people some info for how to get
    ready for doing a track in the amount so
    my previous video was explaining the
    various things you need to do to get
    ready for the trek just giving a general
    sense of what trekking in the Himalayas
    is like in this video that I'm going to
    show you specifically the different
    things that you will need for your
    actual trek so there are three things
    that I can think of that are going to be
    missing from this one is a sleeping bag
    because I rented a sleeping bag from a
    gear shop in Katmandu definitely
    recommend a sleeping bag even though the
    lodges provide blankets but oftentimes
    you will be in sub-freezing temperatures
    and it is much nicer to have a sleeping
    bag to crawl into the self-contained
    it's fully enclosed as opposed to
    blankets which will let possible air
    coming in through to underneath them I
    ended up throwing on blankets as well
    because the sleeping bag was not up to
    par but at least as long as you have
    that one layer then you can throw on the
    blankets that the lodges will provide
    and hopefully stay warm I did meant to
    stay warm enough along the track even
    though one morning the water in my water
    bottle was frozen inside my room so that
    tells you if it gets below freezing
    inside your room because there is no
    heating inside the rooms of most of
    these modules the other two things that
    are missing from this demonstration are
    your trekking permits so I had to get
    two trekking permits one was called a
    Tim's card TI m/s and apparently every
    in Nepal requires this Tim's card
    additionally I had to get a permit for
    entering langtang National Park so it
    depends on which track you're going to
    be doing check your guidebook to find
    out exactly which permits you will need
    you will want to get those in the major
    city near your track whether it's
    Kathmandu or pokhara or perhaps there's
    somewhere else but you want to have
    those with you you don't want to get to
    the little village where the trek starts
    and then there's someone there checking
    permits and you don't have yours and you
    have to take the bus a long ways back to
    Kathmandu so here we go with everything
    laid out that I use for my trek here is
    all of the clothing and I'll just kind
    of go over this fairly quickly and then
    I'll show the other things which is
    where there will probably be a few
    things that you haven't thought of so a
    decent backpack a medium-sized backpack
    is fine because for trekking in the
    Himalayas and then presumably then
    you're going to be doing treks that
    don't require a tent and bring your own
    food and everything like that
    obviously there are treks that you know
    in that case if you would be trekking
    with porters and guides and someone
    cooking your food for you along the way
    unless you're doing something
    independent you know doing your own
    backpacking and amyloids but what I'm
    talking about here is trekking staying
    and lodges along the way in which they
    are providing a room for you and cooking
    your meals so here's the backpack is
    just a Kelty medium-sized backpack my
    Footwear obviously you want good
    Footwear these are just some shoes that
    I bought in Kathmandu
    but it worked great you might prefer
    some boots with the come up higher on
    the ankles but I
    something that I could then wear
    afterwards is just general shoes these
    work great for being decent hiking shoes
    and then also just for walking around
    afterwards at that I brought this shirt
    that I'm wearing a long-sleeve thermal
    underwear picture and then I brought
    these just normal jeans type of pants
    you might want to get something warmer
    especially if you're going in winter
    going up to especially high elevations I
    had that long underwear on it underneath
    these pants here but I could have been a
    little warmer warmer with some kind of a
    you know thicker more of our type of a
    pant over my long underwear take towel I
    took a couple of showers it's a bucket
    shower or with with hot water which is
    pretty intense when it's below freezing
    one of the days was during a snowstorm
    so just be prepared to probably not take
    a lot of showers along the way and just
    be done as family a couple of t-shirts
    shorts which I only use the final day
    when it actually warmed up when I was
    coming downhill this is a very good warm
    overcoat type of thing that was
    essential that really helped out I
    bought that in Katmandu for $   the long
    underwear bottoms gloves good hat this
    is a not sure what you call it but it's
    a neck warmer so that was helpful to
    keep the neck warm a hat with a brim on
    it to keep the Sun out of the eyes and
    then this was my trekking jacket that
    went over my other jacket and I will
    just mention that the sleeping bag that
    I rented
    Katmandu was a dollar a day so those are
    nice and cheap and you can also buy all
    kinds of stuff in Katmandu if you don't
    have all the necessary equipment that
    you might hold off buying it if you're
    back in the West and the States or
    Europe or whatever stuff and cannot do
    with a lot cheaper alright so here we go
    with the rest of the little tiny things
    that you may get a meeting a day pack
    which I then stuffed inside my backpack
    but just to have something in case I did
    any day hikes that I could throw some
    things in socks and underwear and I will
    make a list that I will put in the About
    section the info section just below this
    video I'll put all this stuff into a
    list you can just copy and paste that
    and put it on your computer whatever you
    have it for later when you're getting
    ready toilet paper you want to bring
    your own toilet paper a lock-and-key
    because some of the places provide a
    lock for the room but not necessarily
    and it's kind of better to have your own
    lock just so that you know that nobody
    else has the key for it water
    purification tablets highly recommend
    something of this sort I adore I found
    this in Katmandu for five bucks you'll
    save a lot on bottled water bottled
    water at the top of the trek was a
    hundred and thirty rupees so that's
    about a dollar a dollar thirty that was
    Nepali rupees which isn't much
    relatively speaking but in the terms of
    Nepali money that's pretty expensive you
    can get a you know that'll get you
    halfway to a meal relatively speaking
    as far as weight can be bought in our
    long way so when you add that up you can
    save you know       bucks on but by
    being in water purification tablets and
    then you can get water from the lodges
    they all have their their water source
    tapped into it like a spring I guess
    there'll just be a pipe with one running
    out of it you just get one of there and
    fill it up I brought my computer most
    people probably will not want to bother
    but I was making a travel movie about my
    trip and I wanted to be able to back up
    my files on the camera on my computer
    and I also used it to make the movie
    partly along the way and then a adapter
    for plugging in the computer the camera
    that I'm holding at the moment and you
    will want to bring most likely a camera
    chargers you can charge up your
    batteries there are some lodges that
    offer the possibility of plugging in a
    camera or laptop or whatever and
    charging them up they will pay for it I
    mean they will charge for it but it
    wasn't long I have a little fanny pack
    belt waste thingamajigger whatever you
    want to call it here for the camera a
    little tripod and extra SD cards and
    battery I brought oh so one thing that I
    should mention here is that I left a lot
    of stuff in Katmandu I left two little
    bags of items in Katmandu so I wasn't
    bringing everything that I had with me
    traveling because I'm traveling
    elsewhere in Asia so there were most
    likely these things you don't want to
    bring on your track in order to you know
    lighten up your load you can leave them
    with your hotel they didn't even charge
    me anything so this is just things that
    I bought on my trip here are my various
    credit cards and ID cards that I didn't
    need but I didn't want to leave them
    with my stuff in my hotel
    just in case all that stuff disappeared
    just just to make sure I had that stuff
    on this is an essential one cache
    although this is Indian rupees you'll
    want a Nepali rupees if you're if you're
    tracking Nepal but there are no ATMs on
    the trekking route I'm not sure if there
    is even an ATM in the little village
    that I started of site abou breezy for
    the langtang trek so you want to make
    sure that you have more than enough cash
     before you well before you start through
     the trek from Kathmandu or wherever you
     know that you can get some cash because
     you do not want to get up to the top of
     your trek realize you have     rupees
     left or something and you're not sure
     how you're going to pay for your meals
     and you're launching on the way back
     down so I'm definitely important your
     passport they also check the passport
     when they check for your trekking
     permits my wallet they're a flashlight
     or headlamp lipgloss my watch my cell
     phone just as an alarm clock so that I
     can get up in the morning taking the bus
     to the track and then coming back it was
     a eight hour bus ride to from Kathmandu
     to CIBC where the trek started
     sunglasses are an absolute essential I
     heard a story along the way of a woman
     who got snow blindness because she
     didn't have sunglasses and was blind for
     four days and then finally her sight
     came back my journal lighter just in
     case earplugs again just in case
     although I actually wear earplugs when I
     sleep anyways but that helps especially
     on the buses those noisy buses is pretty
     nice to have but also I wear them at
     night just so I can sleep better
     Josiah means young a nightshade in case
     you happen to be end up sleeping late
     and or just want to sleep through the
     morning if it gets light a bag of some
     snacks even though you can get food
     along the way then it's good to have a
     little something in your bag so I
     brought I bought a bunch of Snickers
     bars because food gets more expensive as
     you go up the the trekking route is to
     get up into higher elevations so I
     brought along like ten Snickers bars and
     then some little bags of trail mix just
     for those time from you're in between
     lodges along the trail and get hungry a
     water bottle mm needles thread and
     little scissors that is just kind of a
     travel essential that you should always
     just have in your backpack just in case
     a strap breaks on your backpack your
     clothes start coming apart whatever just
     you guys have something that you can
     mend things with fingernail clippers not
     exactly important but might as well and
     then a limited amount of toiletries here
     soap for taking those bucket showers and
     in the cold there some band-aids
     toothpaste dental floss toothbrush
     shaving stuff and that pretty much
     covers it so again I will put a list
     in the info section down below this
     video look for a link here also to my
     other video talking about the other
     things that you need to do to get
     prepared for trekking in the Himalayas
     and I described some of the tracks just
     to give people who haven't been in Nepal
     at all an idea of what the tracks are
     like and what kind of expertise you will
     need so I think that covers it thanks
     for watching and have an awesome track
     to care


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